It takes a village to raise a child

Why this Site

The internet is flooded with parenting advice. There are millions of tips, tricks, hacks available to you at a single google search. But often that advice seems to be contradictory and confusing.

And even more, most of the advice on the internet around parenting is written more to generate “clicks” and “impressions” than to provide genuine help.

Parenting is tough – There we said it.

We were pretty savvy internet users. For most questions in life, “Google it” was the answer for us. So when our son was born in 2014, we thought that’s how we will do parenting as well. Whatever obstacles we face we will just Google it and figure out the answer.

We planned find the proverbial “village” to raise a child on the internet.

But unfortunately, it was hard.

It was very hard to sift through all the fluff on the internet and bring out real good parenting advice.
Parenting advice that really worked!

So figuring out advice online was real, and what was a sham was a task in itself.

Over the years we have collected many notes, memories, experiences during our parenting journey.

With this site, we intend to collect all of the knowledge and wisdom in one place for future parents to gain from. We don’t want an already tough task like parenting to become even more overwhelming with all the noise on the internet.

Most of the parenting advice we find on the internet is generic and without any context. Written just for the sake of writing.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work.
Parenting is a very personal experience that needs more contextual guidance.

What has worked for someone else might not work for you.

The goal with this site is to create, collate and curate resources that help you become the best parent YOU can be.

No Fluff, No Noise, Pure Value.

Who We Are

We are Aditi & Ayush.

We are parents to a beautiful 6 year old boy called Neo 🙂

He changed our lives when he came into the world. He changed our perspective so many things.

Becoming a parent is the best personal development “hack” you can do. It helps set the right priorities in your life. That’s what Neo has done for us over the last 6 years.

What you will find here are own experiences and lessons learned in our parenting journey.

Editorial Guidlines

Every piece of content we write here will be backed by our personal experience as well as scientific research around the topic. We will make sure the articles are accurate to the best of our knowledge. And we will keep updating the content as new insights come in from research and experience.

But if you find something inaccurate or misleading, please get in touch and we will make sure to review it and correct is as per the need.

Final Words

Lastly, we would like to leave you with this beautiful quote that we live by all the time👇

If parenthood came with a GPS it would mostly say…Recalculating

-Anonymous Parent

While this was a default when we lived in small hunter gatherer communities, it is far more difficult to find that metaphorical village today.

This platform intends to bring that village closer to you by curating the best that web has to offer to all parents out there.

This is a platform made by parents to learn to be the best parent we can possibly be for our little ones.